Matchless Mall

With over 70 favorite branded shops and restaurants, every visitor will experience a unique feeling.

Hosted by world's favorite brands, Deniz Mall will be your favorite venue for your social life with new cinematic experience, unforgettable tastes and new entertainment concepts.


Third floor • Service


Third floor • Clothing

B&G store

Second floor • For kids


Second floor • Shoe store

Pizza Bruno

First floor • Fast food


Third floor • Toys

Sabina Perfumery & Cosmetics

First floor • Perfume and cosmetics

Forget what you know, you'll get to know the real fun here!

FlashKart, the first two-level electric carting for your adrenaline and pleasure, SkyPark, which will lift your feet to the ground and lift you to the tops, Kinderland with a small, colorful world where children will entertain with learning, ONTOP Bowling for full of laughing moments with friends and CinemaPlus with 4DX technology that will take you to the virtual world.


Third floor • Entertainment


Fifth floor • Entertainment

Sky Park

Fifth floor • Entertaiment

Ontop Bowling

Third floor • Entertaiment


Fifth floor • Entertainment

Flash kart

Fourth floor • Entertaiment

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