Please meet! Little Baku - Kinderland!

28 May, 2021

Are you ready to get acquainted with Kinderland, the first educational amusement park in Azerbaijan?

Kinderland, which resembles a scaled-down version of Baku, is the country's first educational amusement park for children. The entertainment area with a total area of ​​5,000 square meters is reminiscent of a real city with streets, shops, theater and a special currency. At Kinderland, children are encouraged to learn through play activities, and these skills are constantly instilled in them through a variety of experiences. This city is designed for children aged 4-14. More than 60 real-life activities are provided for children to have fun. They can have many different professions, such as doctor, firefighter, scientist, actor, travel agent, and learn professions with experience.

Kinderland is looking forward to welcoming its little guests at the Deniz Mall, which will become a favorite of all children who love to learn and have fun!


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